Extinction: Not just for dinosaurs

As if enough things aren’t going wrong in the world, it looks like the populations of many common types of birds are disappearing in North America. In an article titled “Populations of 20 Common Birds Declining” the Associated Press is reporting that birds as familiar as the grackle and the meadowlark are seeing huge declines.… Continue reading Extinction: Not just for dinosaurs

Brontosaurus Controversy

In commenting on my post “Swimming Dinosaurs”, Tony asked about the controversy concerning the name “brontosaurus.” Most of us grew up knowing a few key dinosaurs, among them the ferocious T-Rex and the enormous (but docile) Brontosaurus. As it turns out, the Brontosaurus is no more- and I don’t mean extinct, that happened 145 million… Continue reading Brontosaurus Controversy

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Portland OR, with Photos

Last Friday I flew to Portland, Oregon to spend the weekend with my parents, my brother Dave and my friends Chris and Sara (Dave, Chris and Sara all live there and my parents were on vacation). I was staying in Hillsoboro at Chris and Sara’s house. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned that this town is… Continue reading Portland OR, with Photos

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Living dinosaur, maybe.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Loch Ness Monster. Despite the fact that scientists are generally unconvinced, many people are not. Recently, Gordon Holmes of Scotland shot a video that is so “convincing” even the BBC Scotland showed it on the air. Personally, I don’t find the video that convincing but I really like… Continue reading Living dinosaur, maybe.