The Woolly Mammoth: making a comeback

Two researchers at Penn State University have mapped the genome of the extinct Woolly Mammoth using DNA extracted from hair found frozen in permafrost. According to scientist Hendrik Poinar, this means it wouldn’t be hard to recreate the Mammoth and put it in a Pleistocene era-themed amusement park. Maybe there will be a baby Mammoth… Continue reading The Woolly Mammoth: making a comeback

My trip to Ohio

Exterminator’s Window While I probably have more to say about my weekend trip to Ohio than what is summed up in this photo, I found it very amusing that these exterminators thought it would be good marketing to make a display of stuffed animals having a picnic. Exactly the same types of animals they specialize… Continue reading My trip to Ohio

Warning signs: reasons to stay inside

Mountain Lion/Rattlesnake warning at Mt. Tamalpais State Park When venturing into the outdoors, there is always a certain amount of risk involved. I think people used to take that for granted. The State of California (probably because they don’t want to be held liable) recognized that people probably aren’t as savy as they used to… Continue reading Warning signs: reasons to stay inside

Blog Action Day: go vegetarian to save the earth!

Happy Blog Action Day! This is the day when thousands of people around the world are blogging on environmental topics. I’m going to write about a simple way you can reduce your impact on the Earth. Everyone knows that some people become vegetarian solely because they care about animals, but how about becoming vegetarian to… Continue reading Blog Action Day: go vegetarian to save the earth!

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Coyotoes on the Loose

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, wild coyotes attacked a pet dog in Golden Gate Park today. It’s not a surprise that the coyotes live there, there have been a number of them living in the city for some time. People are a bit taken aback by the fact that they are lashing out at… Continue reading Coyotoes on the Loose

Extinction: Not just for dinosaurs

As if enough things aren’t going wrong in the world, it looks like the populations of many common types of birds are disappearing in North America. In an article titled “Populations of 20 Common Birds Declining” the Associated Press is reporting that birds as familiar as the grackle and the meadowlark are seeing huge declines.… Continue reading Extinction: Not just for dinosaurs

Living dinosaur, maybe.

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Loch Ness Monster. Despite the fact that scientists are generally unconvinced, many people are not. Recently, Gordon Holmes of Scotland shot a video that is so “convincing” even the BBC Scotland showed it on the air. Personally, I don’t find the video that convincing but I really like… Continue reading Living dinosaur, maybe.