The Olympic Torch meets the Bay Quackers Bus in San Francisco

The Quackers Bus and the TorchAs you may be able to see in this blurry photo I borrowed from the CNN website (and they apparently got it from the local KRON4 helicopter) the infamous Olympic Torch struggled to make its way through San Francisco today. While thousands of people on all sides of the China issue were gathered at the baseball stadium and the waterfront downtown (the official route), the Torch was being secretly run through several of the most unsuspecting parts of the city accompanied by the Bay Quackers Bus. What is this bus, you ask? It is a duck-themed amphibious tour bus for tourists. Thank God they upheld the dignity of the Olympics. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to cancel the whole thing before it even started?

You can check out my photos from the protests at flickr.

San Francisco Olympic Torch Protest

By Mark

Mark is an architect in San Francisco.


  1. Don’t you realize since you didn’t cover your face, you’re now a dissident? 😉 Or, maybe =(. One of the above, till 01/09.

  2. i’ve been behind that bus on embarcadero – it’s quite an eyesore. but then, i can remember from my childhood that the olympics were always sponsored by mc donalds, so it seems oddly appropriate, given the “fast food on wheels” appearance of this vehicular tourist trap.

    real ducks are cooler 🙂

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