Santa’s Workshop and the Worst Bathroom Ever

Santa's Workshop, Hambug NYI just got back from a trip to Western New York to visit my family for Christmas. On Christmas night, my brother and I were out walking and happened to go past “Santa’s Workshop” in the Village of Hamburg. I remember seeing Santa here when I was a kid, except it was in a different parking lot. I can’t help but find it funny that kids think Santa resides in a log cabin/single-wide trailer in the middle of a plaza, but it worked on me when I was a kid.

Santa's Workshop, in the Parking Lot Santa’s workshop from afar.

At some point I ended up at the Old Pink on Allen St. in Buffalo. If you haven’t been to this bar, you really haven’t been to a dive bar. It’s filthy, open until 4am (4:30 sometimes) and doesn’t get crowded until at least 2am, the building is well over 100 years old and has never been cleaned, all the lights are red, people still smoke indoors and there is no running water in the bathroom. I even took a picture of the trough in the men’s room for you:

Men's Room at the Old Pink

If you can find bathroom worse than this please let me know. Other bars in Buffalo don’t count.

By Mark

Mark is an architect in San Francisco.


  1. i can’t believe you went inside somewhere so dirty with indoor smokers. yuck. what kind of californian are you?

  2. I’ve dragged Mark into places in Portland with indoor smoking, and as an ex-Californian I had a cigarette or two.

    Oh, and the Santa thing. Remember: Dogs are as smart as a 3-7 year old child, depending on the type of testing used and breed of dog.

    As a fellow mammal, I’m not a breedist, I think all dogs are equal, but that’s just what the stuff I’ve read says.

    But, anyway, children just aren’t that smart.

  3. Ah, the Old Pink. Worst toilet in Buffalo. I can vouch that the women’s room isn’t much better. You need to wear platform shoes so you don’t absorb the 2″ of “water” into your socks. And everyone thinks my footwear is about wanting to be tall…joke’s on them.

  4. The best part is that the Old Pink bathroom was repainted about a year ago in the old school sabres colores, complete with old school logo on the back wall. So that picture is actually the upgraded version of what it used to be.

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