Dinosaur mass grave discovered in Switzerland

This is the Friday Dinosaur Update. An amateur paleontologist in Switzerland may have unearthed Europe’s largest dinosaur mass grave after he dug up the remains of two Plateosaurus. Read more at Reuters…

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By Mark

Mark is an architect in San Francisco.


  1. Dinosaur graves? Near Germany’s border? I guess it makes sense as Hitler was a bigot towards Plateosaurus, and did everything he could to make sure they were persecuted. Man what a fucked up time the 1930s were. Also those paleontologists better put those dino skeletons back in their graves, otherwise they will be haunted by dino poltergeist.

  2. wow, bet whoever the developer doing construction there was pissed to find out that things would have to hault while they dig up 100 plateosaurus.

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